Protect Your Valentine’s Heart with Chocolate

February 14, 2017, in 1

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are diving into the history and health benefits of the most romantic food we could think of – CHOCOLATE! History Indigenous to Central and South America, chocolate is historically revered for its flavor and health properties. Archaeological evidence shows ancient people cultivated and consumed chocolate as long ago as…

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Clean Labeling: What’s the Meaning Behind Popular Claims?

February 7, 2017, in 3

Clean label claims on food packages are gaining popularity as consumer interest in healthy, environment-friendly food continues to grow. Last week we explored the meaning and validity of “organic” and “natural” label claims, and, in this post, we continue to dig into other clean claims commonly seen on food packages in grocery stores. Cage-free &…

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Clean Labeling: What Does “Organic” Really Mean?

February 3, 2017, in 3

Expanding consumer interest in healthy, environment-friendly food made from natural, chemical-free ingredients spurred a “clean label” movement within the food industry. Clean label claims, such as “organic,” “-free” terms (i.e., GMO-, antibiotic-, hormone-, or cage-free), “pasture raised,” and “sustainable,” are growing rapidly across grocery store aisles. In fact, one in ten new products launched in…

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U.S. News & World Report Recommends Best Diets for 2017

January 26, 2017, in 3

Diet trends change rapidly, with many promoting unrealistic eating habits or promising miracle results. Feast on what you want and still loose weight! Juice cleanse to detoxify your liver and boost your metabolism! Eat like a caveman! As many frustrated dieters can attest, deciphering the truth behind diet claims is challenging; adhering to a new…

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Rustic Turnip and Cauliflower Soup

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January 9, 2017, in ,,, 2

I don’t know about you, but I love soup!  I grew up with a Jewish mother who could turn any combination of vegetables and proteins into a sumptuous and hearty soup that would make you feel warm and comfortable with every spoon.  Living in the midwest, there were a lot of days that you just…

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