Easy Mediteranean Stir Fry

January 30, 2018, in 1

Have you ever had one of those evenings when you look in your refrigerator awaiting dinner inspiration and all you see are a bunch of things that don’t seem like they should go together? There is a solution for that! It’s called stir fry. You have a protein? Check! You have some tasty, fresh vegetables?Check!…

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Do Good, Eat Great

January 2, 2018, in 1

Happy New Year!  In 2018, we’re going to make an impact and help fund a cure for Diabetes – let’s Do Good, Eat Great and Put Some Moxy on your Plate! 2017 went by so quickly and was filled with so many twists and turns.  This was the first year that we really started showing…

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DIY Rose for Fall Decorating on a Budget

September 19, 2017, in 1

Normally, we post about nutrition, health, and recipes, but I just couldn’t resist posting about my newest project – DIY Rose fall decorations.  I got inspired by some really fun Pinterest ideas like this one from PopSugar on spray painting items with metallic spray paint. As the weather turns just a bit cooler, I still…

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Costa Rican Family Adventures

April 9, 2017, in 1

This year we decided to try a new adventure for the kids’ spring break and I’m so glad we did Costa Rica is an incredibly memorable place to visit with family.  First off, we chose to spend the week in Costa Rica, during the last week of March when the weather is still dry.  This means that…

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Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

February 21, 2017, in 1

Protein is acclaimed within the consumer health world for everything from building muscle to preventing weight gain. The $6.6 billion protein supplement industry offers an array of products in the form of powders, bars, and shakes that allow consumers to easily exceed recommended protein intakes. Now, for the first time in history, the Dietary Guidelines…

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Protect Your Valentine’s Heart with Chocolate

February 14, 2017, in 1

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are diving into the history and health benefits of the most romantic food we could think of – CHOCOLATE! History Indigenous to Central and South America, chocolate is historically revered for its flavor and health properties. Archaeological evidence shows ancient people cultivated and consumed chocolate as long ago as…

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Clean Labeling: What’s the Meaning Behind Popular Claims?

February 7, 2017, in 3

Clean label claims on food packages are gaining popularity as consumer interest in healthy, environment-friendly food continues to grow. Last week we explored the meaning and validity of “organic” and “natural” label claims, and, in this post, we continue to dig into other clean claims commonly seen on food packages in grocery stores. Cage-free &…

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Clean Labeling: What Does “Organic” Really Mean?

February 3, 2017, in 3

Expanding consumer interest in healthy, environment-friendly food made from natural, chemical-free ingredients spurred a “clean label” movement within the food industry. Clean label claims, such as “organic,” “-free” terms (i.e., GMO-, antibiotic-, hormone-, or cage-free), “pasture raised,” and “sustainable,” are growing rapidly across grocery store aisles. In fact, one in ten new products launched in…

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U.S. News & World Report Recommends Best Diets for 2017

January 26, 2017, in 3

Diet trends change rapidly, with many promoting unrealistic eating habits or promising miracle results. Feast on what you want and still loose weight! Juice cleanse to detoxify your liver and boost your metabolism! Eat like a caveman! As many frustrated dieters can attest, deciphering the truth behind diet claims is challenging; adhering to a new…

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SMART Nutritional Goal Setting for the New Year

December 20, 2016, in 5

The coming of the New Year spurs a psychological phenomenon known as “the fresh start effect,” which causes us to experience a renewed sense of commitment to pursuing goals. Unfortunately, nearly 80% of people who make resolutions allow them to fall by the wayside, and they experience feelings of low self-esteem as result.   This year,…

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